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The Boat Cruise

There is something so interesting about a boat. What started out as a hollowed out log, many, many years ago, is now something that can transport thousands of people, many tons of cargo and provide the comfort of a luxurious home.

On a sunny, cloudless day, we were given the awesome opportunity to enjoy a boat cruise around Hartbeespoort dam.

Ushered from the jetty onto the awaiting speed boat, our captain made us feel right at home with an ice cold drink. As we left the shore and the people got smaller and smaller, we knew that this was going to be a fun experience.

The first thing we came upon were the countless marooned boats and yachts that look like toys of the rich. I was even told that you can book a package where you can stay on one of the bigger boats for a weekend. How cool would that be?!

Next up came the majestic and super sturdy dam wall, that, when you think of it, is the plug that allows for all this available fun.

Moving along the shore of Kosmos and Pecanwood Estate, you find that you are amazed at how large and beautiful some of the surrounding houses are.

We were so lucky that day because were entertained by some acrobatic planes, twisting and turning as they came racing past us. Up and down, in perfect formation, these planes seemed like they were mirrors of each other. How lucky we felt to be part of that display.

An hour can go by so fast when you are captivated by the many things to see and the great conversations to be had.

Just before arriving back at shore, we were pushed back into our seats as the engine roared into life as we went an absolute joy ride at high speed. Wind in the air, tunes on the radio and amazing company. What more can you possibly ask for??..

If you go to Harties, you have to go on the water.
So much fun! So much excitement!

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