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The Great Outdoors

The great thing about Harties is that there are hills and mountains that are just waiting for you to explore them. Whether you want to take it slow and gentle or hit some steep slopes, there is everything a modern day hiker needs.

The trek through the bush started at the base of the mountain with last minute water and food drinks, application of sun block and camera at the ready.

Looking up, you are able to see the peaks way up at the top and it kind of makes you feel very tiny and insignificant, but what a beautiful sight.
As the walk gets into full swing and the calves start firing up, you suddenly realize that this easy-going walk might actually be a bit more of a challenge than you thought.

After about 45 minutes of walking, you find a huge rock to take a seat.
The view is already spectacular and it seems like your parked car is already so small.
The carry-along water tastes like heaven as your sand-paper dry throat gets drenched like it’s the first time experiencing liquid, but it’s all worth it because you have your friends, the view and your camera to capture every moment.

After a quick snack and some water, you find the courage to get up and keep going.
The hike becomes a real workout for the legs and it makes you remember why you don’t enjoy leg day at the gym, but up you go.

The top is within reach and you can feel it.

The summit has been conquered by you and your team and you celebrate like you just got to the top of Kilamanjaro.,
What a view! You wonder why you don’t dedicate more time to doing such awesome stuff when this magical place is so close to home.

Eagles and vultures are soaring over head and one vulture even comes down to make sure you are not prey! They are so big and awe-inspiring.

This experience will stay with you forever and you are so happy you did it.

Now… How are we going to get down???...